This site contains free, open-source, content for undergraduate level civil engineering courses. There are many reasons why we have decided to launch this project. However, the main benefit is to reduce the amount of waste and inefficiency there is in higher education. We want to create a collaborative and responsive knowledge base of mechanics and related subjects. The structure that allows this to work is git. Git is an open-source version control system. Anyone can make a request to update the canonical website with corrections or more content. This system would not be possible without git, hence gitMechanics.

Course Material

Currently there is course material available for the following classes: There are many more classes we would love to add in the future. With your help, hopefully we can get there. Speaking of which...


As this project is very new, a lot of details need to be worked out before widescale contributions can be accepted. In the future, Anyone will be able to contribute to the materials on this site with a pull request on github. We are aware this is a huge barrier to entry for many educators in mechanics so we hope to create a complete guide on $\LaTeX$ , github and making pull requests. Stay tuned for information on how you can help us develop.

The documentation for contributing is in progress here.